Pets in Hotels

I know some hotels allow pets. I have yet to take a hotel up on their pet policy because I am uncertain what to do with an 80 pound dog at the hotel. I can’t bring a crate because it is so big and awkward. The only option is to let the dog run loose, but that is against some hotel policies. This leaves a dilemma: What do you do with your dog when he or she can’t come with you on an adventure? Not knowing what to do with the dog during a no-dog outing is my biggest concern.

The pet cost does not seem unreasonable. The fee alone makes up for the pee and poop in the grass. I am sure if enough dogs pee in the same location, they hotel chain will be looking for the best grass for dog urine spots come spring because I know what my yard looks like!

There is also the problem of having dogs coming and going through the hallways when other guests may have an allergy to them.

I plan on giving this a try in the fall. Another big concern for me is my dog gets excited when we take a ride. The ride could be to the grocery store or the dog park. He still goes a little berserk and needs to learn how to be calm.